Excellent News for Investors

The Cyprus Government has just announced that they have approved a revised scheme for granting Cypriot citizenship to non-European entrepreneurs and investors. Cyprus’ revised scheme is one of most attractive and effective one worldwide, and the changes that will be most important are:

  • The investment amount has been reduced to €2 million
  • There will be NO need for collective group application
  • They have abolished the bank deposit option
  • The maximum bond amount has been set at €0.5 million
  • The Parents of the investor will be entitled to apply
  • Fast track procedure
  • The program will apply to the immediate family
  • Same rights as any European Citizen
  • Cyprus will allow multiple citizenship
  • The advantage of travel to over 160 countries without a visa
  • The investments only need to be kept for 3 years
  • They will have free movement of capital, services and goods
  • There is NO requirement to physically reside in Cyprus
  • Most advantageous tax regime