Property Jargon

When investigating the market, it doesn't take a long time to realise that not everyone is familiar with property-related terminology. For your convenience, below we have listed and provided explanations for the most important ones. Still, if something is not clear do not hesitate to contact us.

Site Plan

An architectural plan showing the placement, layout, and orientation of all the properties in a project.

Floor Plan

An architectural plan showing the horizontal layout of a property.

Elevation Plan

An architectural plan showing the vertical layout of a property.

Artist impression

An indication of a completed property and/or project.

Covered Parking

Apartments usually begin on the first floor thus providing an area of shade beneath for parking. A villa may have a carport (with tiled roof) or pergola style cover: these have to be agreed in the initial plans.

Custom-built Villa

A property built to your own specifications either from scratch or modifying one of our own designs with the guidance of our Construction Manager.

Re-sale Property

Generally a property offered for sale by the first or subsequent owner. Occasionally a property may be offered which is partially completed.


A list of items sold with the property (furniture and or white goods).

Freehold Property

All Kleanthis Savva Developers properties are sold freehold meaning the owner has unconditional rights allowing the legal owner to have access to mortgages or granting of a lease.

Title Deeds

Documents issued from the Land Registry that declares your legal ownership of the property.


A description of technical features and finishes. These may also include communal areas. Specifications form part of the Contract of Sale.

Build Density Factor

This is a Town Planning Regulation specifying % of square metres a property may occupy on a given plot of land.

Covered Area Factor

This is a Town Planning Regulation specifying maximum % of covered building on a plot of land.

Covered/Uncovered Area

Actual space in square metres for each property.