Leisure Activities

Family Fun

In Paphos there is a water park catering from small children to adults. There is something for everyone, with slow moving water rapids to the death defying water slides. Small kiosks for food and drinks are available. It is a good day out and represents good value for money. Other entertainment includes a pitch and putt course; bird park, reptile park; aquarium; amusement park and many other attractions. Similarly Limassol has many attractions including two different types of waterpark!

Eating Out

Paphos has many fine restaurants and tavernas. If you want to sample the local food – look where the Cypriots go! A finer recommendation cannot be given. Most places are child friendly as this is a very Cypriot family culture. Have a 20 dish meze and enjoy all the local fresh produce from dips to vegetables to meat and fish dishes, just a taste of each one evokes all the good things in Cyprus! Alternatively you can have a single local dish; beef stiffado (Beef cooked slowly with onions and red wine), lamb kleftiko (slow cooked lamb in the old fashioned kleftiko ovens, so tender it falls off the bone), souvlaki (chicken, lamb or pork cooked over a grill or BBQ), or moussaka (minced lamb or pork with aubergine and potatoes and a thick béchamel sauce). There is so much good food in Cyprus you are spoilt for choice! Not to mention the wealth of non European eateries – Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Russian, Lebanese, Brazilian, French and of course English! If it is fast food that you require then there are a few well recognised chains to keep you going! Average price for two people (meze) and a bottle of wine is approximately CYP30.


Sea fishing trips are arranged through travel agents or just pop down to the local port or harbour where there are organised trips. These range from a half day or full day with equipment provided and some instances lunch with a stop to don fins and snorkel too! Tuna are regularly hunted. If you prefer fishing in the dams you must have a license and adhere to the rules and regulations – these are available when you apply for your license. Fish to be caught here range from roach; carp; silver bream; grey mullet; trout and catfish.

Boats / Sailing

There are many organised boat trips to be found, or if you are a competent sailor you can hire a small boat with picnic included for a very reasonable price! Boat trips may take the form of a few hours exploring the coastline or longer trips with lunch, snorkeling and other water sports on offer such as canoeing or paragliding. Power boats can be hired as well as sailing dinghies, pedaloes, and windsurfers at most resort areas. For that special event you can privately charter a boat for a lunchtime dining experience never to be forgotten.


All main resort areas have a plethora of sports to try out or hire. Jet skis are very popular (with strict guidelines on age and competence); water ski-ing, doughnuts and banana rides plus various other towables, snorkeling, diving, boating, canoes, windsurfers, dinghies, etc. etc. Not forgetting the thrill of a paraglide! 


Cyprus has one of the world’s top ten diving wrecks in the Zenobia lying just off Larnaca. This ferry sank with its cargo of cars and trucks which are intact and can easily be seen on a dive. It is also a dangerous dive having claimed several lives over the years. A safer way to view this wreck is by taking a submarine trip (from Larnaca Marina) and viewing it from the comfort of your seat! There are also many marine species to be admired. Apart from the Zenobia wreck Cyprus offers many archaeological treasures underwater such as the amphitheatre at Aghios Georgios in the Peyia district. There are many PADI centres which offer diving courses for beginners and intermediate and organised dives for the more experienced including night dives. Information can be found in most resort areas.


There are seven licensed sites which provide shower/toilet blocks, snack bars and mini market. Only two are open all year round (Kalymnos beach in Limassol and another at Coral Bay). A charge of between EUR2 and EUR5 is made per person per day. This is extremely popular among Cypriots through the long hot summer where the whole family up sticks and camps for a few weeks taking with them everything including the kitchen sink!


Many opportunities exist for the keen cyclist to explore the Island by this mode of transport. Cycles can be hired and maps are given to show well known cycle routes including the more rugged off road treks. There are coastal routes with proper cycle tracks in some places, country routes offering a different perspective of the scenery and the opportunity to join a cycle club outing. Twice yearly there is a mountain event through the Troodos attracting many international cyclists to traverse this rocky, mountainous stretch.


A very popular past time! There are several tracks around the Island, professionally run with high safety standards. All equipment is supplied; helmets etc. and a good time can be had by all. Although the karts rarely exceed 30mph the sensation is of going at a much faster speed being so mush closer to the ground!


There are three championship golf courses around the Paphos area with a further one in Limassol. All three in Paphos require a handicap certificate (women 36 and men 28) and formal dress code is in operation. Tsada golf course is 20 minutes away from Paphos and was the first grass course on the Island. It is an 18 hole (double loop 9) par 72.


A relatively new sport to Cyprus as it was only legalised in May 2004. There is a paintball centre in Paphos (DNA – tel. 99620920) and another one in Limassol (Village Paintball Fields – tel. 99656474). If you follow the rules of engagement this is a fun filled day!


Now that Marcos Baghdatis has put Cyprus on the tennis map many local people are turning to this popular and inexpensive sport. Almost every town has tennis courts accessible to the public. Hotels offer their guests free access to their own courts but members of the public are also encouraged to use the facilities at a small charge. In Nicosia there is an academy with four clay courts and modern gymnasium. High class events are held here throughout the year.


This takes place on in Troodos from January to mid March generally. There are four slopes and cross country trails available. All levels of competence are catered for, including a ski school for beginners. All equipment can be hired at the ski school. The best time to book a ski trip is in February and March.