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Do you want to escape from your every day, high pressure existence even if only for 7 minutes? Then apply for our free DVD “A Taste of Cyprus” – it will whisk you away to another dimension where after watching it you will feel relaxed and ready to indulge in one of our Inspection Trips or apply for our property magazine to find out more information. The DVD not only shows our designs and locations of our projects but also gives a brief glimpse of the Cypriot way of life – hence the title “A Taste of Cyprus”. The aim of this is to introduce you to the delights of a beautiful Island!


Our Property Magazine provides information about all our projects, designs and locations, not to mention useful information about how to proceed with purchasing a property in Cyprus through Kleanthis Savva Developers. Financial and mortgage details are also available to assist you with the understanding of how the system works in Cyprus. In addition to the above, there is information concerning taxation, stamp duty and Lawyer fees, importing a car and/or a pet into Cyprus, and a few essential facts concerning living in Cyprus.

There is also a brief introduction to our Home Center, which can provide everything to turn a house into a home and also details about the after care services we can provide. 

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