Group Profile

Group Overview 

The Kleanthis Savva Group is a horizontally integrated property-based organisation with six business units where each complements the other. With the core business active in the land and property development sector, the five other units are engaged in fringe activities that add value to the overall group performance.

What began as a small family business in the early 1990s, swiftly developed into a customer-driven, results-oriented group. The main business driver is Kleanthis Savva Developers Ltd, a highly respected property development company, operating mainly in Paphos and Limassol. Kleanthis Savva Developers Ltd has been responsible for the construction of some acclaimed property projects along the south coast of the island, and has completed several hundred projects both large and small.

As a natural progression, Kleanthis Savva Group itself was formed in 1997, and company divisions were gradually incorporated as stand-alone businesses to enable each to develop and expand within their own areas of speciality.  Today, the group comprises Kleanthis Savva Developers, Kleanthis Savva After-Sales Service, Kleanthis Savva Maintenance and Service, Kleanthis Savva Investments, Kleanthis Savva Rental & Commercial Properties and Avillion Holiday Apartments.

As a continuously evolving and expanding group, we recognise the value of a happy and enthusiastic workforce, and we strive to create a working environment that encourages personal and career development. The same commitment holds true for our community. We take our social responsibilities seriously and are ever-present in community and civic activities that preserve and enhance the social and cultural fabric and life of Cyprus.

And we never forget that, above all is our deep-rooted commitment to our customers — without whom we would have no business.