Villa Designs

Our wide selection of designs, from 2 bedroom bungalows to 4 bedroom villas, reflects our desire to ensure we have something to suit everyone’s needs.   These brochures give a description of each design, highlighting the dimensions and key features, and offering artistic impressions of how the villa will look on completion.  All our villas are designed with comfort and style in mind and we know you will be delighted with them.

Villa Alexandra

Villa Apollo

Villa Athena

Villa Demetra

Villa Hera

Villa Kleopatra

Villa Poseidon

Villa Amalthia

Villa Ares

Villa Chara

Villa Erato

Villa Hermes

Villa Odysseus

Villa Sirene

Villa Aphrodite

Villa Artemis

Villa Danae

Villa Helios

Villa Kleo

Villa Olympia

Villa Zeus

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