Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

Since 1990 we have been diligently creating superb residential properties — all built around one core principle: will this home make our customer happy? 

Our mission remains constant: we believe in adding value, inside and out. Every building will be constructed to the highest standards that will stand the test of time. It will be cleverly designed and aesthetically suited to its surroundings — complementing its environment.

Our Vision

We build for today… and tomorrow, because our homes are built using an old-fashioned technique called craftsmanship.  From foundations to roofing, every single detail is subjected to careful scrutiny and meticulous quality control. Our vision is clear — that every Kleanthis Savva home built today is built for tomorrow too.

Our Goal

Never settling for the status quo, our goal is to do things better than they’ve been done before. To achieve this, we look at things from a different perspective; come up with new approaches; challenge conventional thinking. Passionate about this approach, with every project undertaken, we look at ways to improve lifestyle quality, demonstrate creativity, and build in value.

Our Values

It is our values that have been steering our business for over 25 years; highlighting what’s most important to us day in and day out. Over time our businesses may change, but our values remain true. They’re the solid base of our company; the focus that guides us and the measure against which we plan our course. We value Relationships, Ambition, Diligence, Creativity, and Community.

We Value Relationships

At Kleanthis Savva, a relationship is never a one-time event. We seek lasting and trusting partnerships with our customers, construction teams and our many suppliers. Personally, professionally and financially, we want our relationships to be profitable, and we take pride in going beyond the expected to deliver memorable and meaningful experiences within every relationship.

We Value Ambition

We set ourselves high standards and ever-higher goals as individuals and as a company. Teamwork, tenacity and visionary leadership are the motors of our success; integrity and pride in our work are at the heart of our professionalism. And those attributes lift and drive our company and our people.

We Value Diligence

Kleanthis Savva approaches real estate development, construction and investment with rigorous systems, proven processes and operational excellence. Our thoroughness and commitment builds confidence, creating value for investors, buyers, tenants and partners.

We Value Creativity

Ours is a team of innovative thinkers who work together to see the bigger picture and imagine the possibilities in every opportunity; resulting in finished products that consistently meet high standards. By attracting forward-thinking, motivated people, we are able to ensure successful investment strategies and inspiring unique developments.

We Value Community

Our business adds value to the community. Local jobs are created; local suppliers are used; local civic initiatives are supported, and our homes are built for efficiency and sustainability. This means that every Kleanthis Savva home has a positive impact on the nearby community; enhancing the area and making daily life – both work and leisure – more enjoyable.